Photography Workshop & Author Event at the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center

7th graders were at the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center in Bedford, NY, in March for the Michael Maluchnik Photography Seminar.  Students learned the fundamentals of photography by photographing cars in the Malcolm Pray Collection, guided by experiences photographers.  We are grateful for this unique opportunity for our students to develop photography skills and learn about cars through the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center, a fantastic organization offering programs to local schools, youth groups, families, senior citizens, car enthusiasts, and community centers.

Earlier in the school year, 6th graders read The First Black Autos by Henry May, which chronicles the struggles and successes of the author’s distant relatives. The Patterson family is credited as America’s first African-American automotive pioneers. Students then had the opportunity to meet the author for a Q and A session at the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center, as well as a hands-on tour of the collection.