Soaring Eagles Enrichment (SEE) Program

SOARING EAGLES ENRICHMENT  is an essential part of the day at San Miguel Academy. Our educational model provides additional supervised instructional time for all students. After school and weekend activities offer a variety of options, such as, sports, arts, and clubs. Additional STEAM skill building is incorporated into clubs. San Miguel Program offers the students an opportunity to improve their academic performance, to compete in interscholastic sports and expand their interests. San Miguel Program embraces the research that points unanimously to the need for at-risk youth to have a safe and nurturing environment during out-of-school time. The staff empowers students by sharing their specific skill sets in curricular and co-curricular activities. Full-time faculty, paid professionals, tutors and volunteers all support the mission of the San Miguel Program and Soaring Eagle Enrichment.

Our Clubs

In addition to academic support, San Miguel Academy students have many rotating clubs from which to choose from for their after school and weekend activity. Students are engaged in positive learning environments that allows them to further explore their interests and develop their talents

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club uses VEX Robotics kits.  The boys learn how to design and build robots, integrating their knowledge of S.T.E.A.M. while experiencing team work and fostering creativity.

Financial Literacy

The Financial Literacy club helps to develop a student’s independence and to learn how to take control of their future. Knowing how to handle money gives our students a path to a successful future.

Arts Club

Arts club, students are instructed in appreciating and creating art in all it’s capacities. Our students learn hands on in the classroom how to use their creativity to develop and understand art.

Rowing Club

(All year training/Spring Season Competitions) In conjunction with the OCRA, students are instructed in the safety and activity of the sport of rowing. The club offers year-round programs that teaching the fundamentals of rowing.

Lego Club

This club continues the S.T.E.A.M. methodology by engaging boys
in architecture and building projects, two dimensional art work and three dimensional representations.


Cooking under professional instruction our students learn the importance of a well balanced nutrition routine. We use great instructors to facilitate our classes to teach .


The boys learn the basics of swimming with our highly educated instructors. We learn all the basics of form while increasing their speed, flexibility and endurance in the pool.

3D Printing

3D Printing at San Miguel Academy helps students to branch out to new technologies that they will see in the future of their industries. We plan, create and execute designs and models for real solutions.

Fitness Club

Fitness Club helps to develop a student’s mind and body. Our students work on hemispheric coordination of the brain to help improve reading ability. We focus on resilience & teamwork.

Maker Club

Maker Club allows students to explore a variety of new technologies with the freedom to create. Students work through the design process to create items of their interest as they explore new ideas.


Winter Season
Nov. – Feb.


Spring Season
March – May


Fall Season
Sept. – Nov.