Marvin Garcia

Board of Trustees
Marvin is the Director of Financial Aid at Northfield Mount Hermon School in Mount Hermon, Massachusetts. He first got to know San Miguel Academy as an Admission Officer at Church Farm School in Pennsylvania, which he attended as a student. As the son of immigrants, the mission of the San Miguel Program particularly resonated with Marvin, who came to the United States from Nicaragua when he was seven years old. Education was always a priority for Marvin’s parents: “Education is what we can provide you; it will take you far.” For Marvin, that’s been his lifelong guiding light. Growing up in New York City, he got involved with the Boys’ Club, which helped get him to Church Farm School. After high school, he earned a B.A. in public policy from SUNY Albany, followed by an M.P.A. in Non-Profit Management from the Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. After 4 years in public health, he realized he wanted to do more for others, without the red tape of governmental organizations, which led him back to Church Farm School. Marvin sees San Miguel Program as, “a beacon in the middle of the barren academic landscape of Newburgh.”   Based on Marvin’s experience as an Admission and Financial Aid Professional, San Miguel Program stands out from other scholarship programs, most notably  for its 12-year commitment to each student.  San Miguel “creates access to education and opportunities that show them a different path.” Additionally, the support that students receive as they make their way through high school, college, and other educational paths is a key differentiator of the San Miguel Program.  Marvin lives on the Northfield Mount Hermon School campus with his wife, Shana, who is a Registrar and Student Services Coordinator at a local public school, and their three boys, ages 10, 7, and 3.