Caitlin Lynch

Vice President of Development
Caitlin Lynch is the Vice President of Development. Prior to joining San Miguel Program, Caitlin was with the Marvelwood School in Kent, CT, where she was Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement and Director of Marketing and Communications. It was through her association with Marvelwood that she first got to know Father Mark Connell and San Miguel Academy. Marvelwood has been a proud secondary school partner of San Miguel Academy since 2013. Caitlin has a deep appreciation for the work of San Miguel and its 12-year commitment to each student. Annual fundraising is critical to the Program’s ability to serve its students and families, and Caitlin is involved in all aspects of fundraising, including the development of sustainable and strategic approaches to ensure the longevity of San Miguel Program. She also oversees the website and social media. Caitlin is a graduate of Denison University and earned a Masters of Science in School Counseling from Western Connecticut State University. She lives in Kent, Connecticut with two cats and a dog. Her three adult children live nearby and share her appreciation for reading, travel, and cooking.